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Trump's media coverage tactics

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rogue One - Disney

Disney faces a new marketing challenge they have never had before: releasing two Star Wars films within a year. The Force Awakens was released the same time a year ago, and we are still recovering form the marketing hangover. The Force Awakens did so well, it is interesting how Disney is approaching the marketing stratagem for Rogue One.

Here are the sales figures—from Wikepedia--for The Force Awakens, just Worldwide:
  • Biggest worldwide opening weekend and single weekend gross – $529 million.[3]
  • Highest-grossing Star Wars film. It was the second Star Wars film, following The Phantom Menace, to gross $1 billion.[4]
  • Biggest December international opening weekend – $281 million.[5]
  • Biggest Disney international opening – $281 million.[3]
  • Widest worldwide IMAX release – 937 IMAX screens.[6] This includes 391 IMAX screens in the United States and Canada, 270 screens from China and 276 screens in other markets for a worldwide total of 937 IMAX screens.[6][7]
  • Biggest IMAX worldwide opening weekend – $48 million.[8]
  • Biggest single day IMAX worldwide gross – $17.7 million (on Friday, December 18, 2015).[8]
  • Biggest single day IMAX international gross – $4.8 million (on Saturday, December 19, 2015).[8]
  • Fastest to $100 million in IMAX sales – 12 days.[2] It grossed a total of $106.4 million in that time.[9]
  • Fastest film to $150 million in IMAX ticket sales – 19 days. It earned a total of $152 million in that period, exceeding the previous record held by Avatar, which took 47 days to reach the mark.[10]
  • Fastest film to $175 million in IMAX ticket sales – 24 days. It earned a total of $179 million in that period, exceeding the previous record held by Avatar, which took 58 days to reach the mark.[7]
  • Biggest IMAX fourth-weekend gross worldwide – $19 million. This broke Avatar's previous record of $12.27 million.[7]
  • Highest-grossing IMAX film of 2015 – $179 million.[7]
  • Highest-grossing 2015 film – $2.068 billion.[11]
  • Highest-grossing Disney release, surpassing The Avengers.[11]
  • Most weekends at No. 1 at the international box office for a film released in 2015 – 5 consecutive weekends (tie with Avengers: Age of Ultron).[12]
That is a hefty act to follow, and that does not include how well it did in the US, which is equally as abundant. Interestingly enough, Bob Iger, head of Disney, is marketing Rogue One as a side addition to the Star Wars Jedi & Skywalker saga. Instead of advertising it well, he is keeping it minimal with only 3 trailers (we know of), and letting media and word of mouth do the advertising.

Value Proposition: Star Wars fans; more specifically targeting the 40 year old Star Wars fans, as this movie is also advertised as a nostalgia niche, explaining the backstory of how the Death Star plans were acquired. In addition, such side stories as Rogue One do not actually make it to film, they are intended as side additions to nurture and quell the Star Wars addiction. This bold move to expand the Star Wars universe will have positive results, I imagine, as it is 'new', and has not been done yet.

Although the standards are much higher, I think that Disney is incredibly savvy when it comes to marketing, and I think Rogue One will meet their expectations-- which are set low. They are targeting Star Wars fans, not the greater world. This way people will not get sick of Star Wars, I suspect. Although it is suggested by 'Will toys for 'Rogue One' sell as well as other 'Star Wars' films?'
that Disney should state in their trailer where exactly in timeline Rogue One takes place, because most people who are not hardcore fans will be confused and ultimately discouraged to see it's theatrical debut. I disagree, because Disney is doing exactly what they want and approaching it with the results they want. That is clever marketing to me.

Monday, October 10, 2016


This is an article that breaks down Disney's genius marketing tactics into sections, albeit the company is large and these classifications are generalized.
Disney's brand identity delivers what they promise. Their tag line "Happiest place on earth" is literally illustrated in their brand. Like their tag line, Disney also makes sure to keep their messages short, sweet, and to the point.
Build excitement around their content. They make sure to personalize to each diverse family & build lifetime value with their customers. I am unsure what they mean by continuous promotion, no example was given.
Disney's website is user friendly and allows two way engagement by live chat, telephone, or email.
The company's social media approach is to engage and share all their material in a controversial manner.
The article touches on how story telling is the king. That their customer immersion is catering to something new: interactive queuing for rides, impromptu Mary Poppins and mad hatter street skits, rides that change at night & limited time themes. This leads into the experience of Disney itself, continuous themeing, adaptable to change, and particular attention to detail.
As for research, Disney himself would walk around Disneyland to people watch or sit in on one of his movies at the theater to observe the audience reactions.

I would say that Disney's marketing challenge is to keep everyone happy.

I learned that customer interaction is vital, accessibility must be easy and user friendly, and people want to have happy and entertaining experiences that they can remember and look forward to.


1. I chose the brand Pure Romance.
2. Pure Romance's value proposition is meeting the intimate desires of adult women.
3. What people are saying about Pure Romance:
a) "I'm at that awkward age where my older friends are inviting me to their pure romance parties and idk how I feel about it"
b) "If I were to throw a Pure Romance party, who would be interested in attending"
c) "Currently questioning my life choices as i just spent over $100 at a pure romance party"
4. How I would respond:
a) It's amazing how awkward growing up can be at times- yet also amazingly exciting & new!
b) How thoughtful of you to throw a party for your friends!
c) Guilty as charged! Who would've thought that money actually COULD buy happiness? Did I mention that unlike your significant other, your PR products comes with a warrenty ;)

Monday, October 3, 2016


7 Marketing Tactics You Need to Be Using in 2016 is an article written to help reveal essential marketing tactics to be used in 2016 if your business desires potential leads.

Earned Media is a marketing stratagem where your product is so interesting and exciting that the media notices and in return solicits your company free of charge. The example they used here was Dove's "Beauty" video, which I do remember actually sharing this video myself.

Cause Marketing is what the company TenTree is doing. For every product they sell they give to a cause, in Ten Tree's example they plant ten trees in a deforested area for every article of clothing purchased. I specifically chose this article because they discussed TenTree.

SMS Marketing is liken to cold calls except it's through text messaging. Today everyone has mobile and everyone sees their texts. It is also cost efficient compared to telemarketing.

Point of Purchase is a tactic that targets an already captive audience. During a point of purchase or consideration, this is when the opportunity to present additional perks or offerings would be.

SEO is a search engine tactic. Basically you set up your website so that when potential customers search something related to what your company is about, your business will show up in the search engine.

Viral Marketing is similar to Earned Media in the sense that what you create is so amazing, people will share it. Free marketing.

Storytelling is word of mouth, essentially. People desire to relate to one another and through storytelling trust is built with your consumers as they view your product in a real life situation in an easy to comprehend manner.

Thanks to this article I have a couple of tips and tricks to apply to my personal identity.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Who's who in BA223-Principles of Marketing this term

As a graphic design major, I chose to enroll in this class to better my marketing skills as an artist & freelancer.

Hounding people or pushing my sales makes me feel uncomfortable; in this course I would like to find a way that is pleasant for both myself & clientele. I also find it difficult to determine pricing; I would like insight on that as well, please.
I am passionate about art, I specialize in concept art, illustration, & graphic design.